Payroll and Taxes

Making Payroll Simple

Payroll is supposed to be simple and at Answer Tax & Business we not only believe that, we make it happen.

Payroll and Taxes
The Answer Tax & Business Payroll Process:
  1. Set up each employee.
  2. Report your time easily and effectively.
    Wage forms are due Wednesdays at noon for the proceeding weekly or bi-weekly schedule
  3. Deliver your employee’s paychecks or direct deposit on payday.
  4. Email each employee a pay stub for those who receive Direct Deposit
  5. E-file forms monthly and quarterly as needed
  6. E-pay Taxes monthly and quarterly as needed
Peace of Mind

With our Complete Payroll Service, we do the work for you. We also take all of the responsibility to ensure all taxes and filings are made timely.

Complete Control with Help Standing By:

Our System allows you full control of your payroll while still receiving great customer service. You are never alone. We are always just a phone call or email away!