Business Loans

Cash Advance

Business Cash LoansIt takes money to make money, but where do you get the money in the first place? When you need money for your business, but can't or don't want to deal with a bank, The Answer Tax and Business is the place to turn. We've partnered with several organizations to offer business owners a hassle-free alternative to conventional business loans. Based on your situation we can offer you a "Best Fit" solution to your capital needs. It's a simple, convenient and fast Best of all, you'll get your cash in as little as 72 hours after completing the application, which takes less than five minutes. We can fund up to $250,000 per location depending on your business's credit card volume. The concept is simple. It's a merchant cash advance. The Answer Tax and Business can pay you up front for your future credit card transactions.

Answer Tax and Business gives you an opportunity to leverage the greatest untapped asset you have... your future sales!

The concept is simple. Answer Tax and Business will pay you for your future Credit Card transactions up front. As transactions roll in we get paid back with a small fixed % of those daily Credit Card receipts.

No Closing Costs
95% approval rate
No collateral
Tax deductible
Up to $250,000
No financial/tax returns required
A-B credit not required
No application or startup fees
No hidden fees
Fast approval
Not personally liable
No bills to pay

Business Loans

Easy to Apply
With our automated loan process, businesses can know if they credit qualify for an small business loan usually same day.

No Up Front Costs
There are no upfront costs to apply or qualify for an small business loan.

Affordable Rates
The Answer Tax and Business offers small business loans without the bureaucracy encountered with a bank and at a fraction of the cost of a merchant cash advance.

Fixed Daily Loan Payments
Fixed automated daily repayments means businesses don't have to worry about managing cash flows to make next month's payment.

No Prepayment Penalty
There is no prepayment penalty or pre-set amount on our loans because we are not factoring. It's OK to payoff loans early and further reduce your borrowing costs.

Loan Renewals
Our clients are eligible to apply for loan renewal once 50% of the loan has repaid. Benefits of a Renewal can be a higher loan amount or lower rate with good repayment history.